✉️ Letter from your new PTC President, Allyson Becker
Allyson Becker, PTC President
Hi BZ Parents,
I cannot believe that the 2023-24 school year is right around the corner! For those I haven’t met, my name is Allyson Becker and I am the new President of the Bernard Zell PTC. PTC stands for Parent Teacher Council, and as a parent, you’re already a member. 
This will be my 9th year as a BZ parent and I promise you, it goes by fast. Even before my son Ethan entered JK, I was so excited to get involved. I emailed the PTC President to ask what I could do, all before I had even stepped foot in the door on the first day. Almost a decade later and having volunteered in pretty much every role there is, that excitement hasn't waned. 
As President, I look forward to helping you find a space and place for you, wherever you are in your journey as a BZ parent at Bernard Zell. You can find everything you need to know about us, and more, on the PTC page on the BZ website. 
I want to take a moment to shout out some of the amazing parent volunteers that will help make the wheels turn this year, and give them a big THANK YOU! These lists are always growing. If anything below speaks to you, reach out to me and I'll get you connected with our chairs. Some of whom are all already planning different ways to be a morning car line greeter, a lunchroom helper or a challah deliverer. 
We will be hosting other events throughout the year including teacher appreciation pop-ups, Shabbat in the park gatherings and opportunities for your family to serve the greater community with Yad B' Yad. There is really something for everyone!
Please reach out to me any time at ptc@bernardzell.org. I'd love to help you support our school and community with your time and energy.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful school year!
Allyson Becker, PTC President 
There are so many ways to volunteer your time at Bernard Zell and new this year, we’ve streamlined the signup process to make it as easy as possible! Bookmark this centralized volunteer hub as it will be updated throughout the year. 
Click Here to Sign-up to Volunteer

PTC Exec Squad
President Ex-Officio: Ericka Thacker
President-Elect: Katie Schaffer
Treasurer: Brett Klugman
Secretary: Blake Rasmussen
BIG Committee Chairs: Ali Fishman and Erin Kohn
Marketing and Communications Chair: Sara Morris
Community Engagement Chair: Diane Welbel
Grade Coordinator Chair: Jodi Gruber
Book Fair/Swap 
Chairs: Sheri Kromelow, Brooke Hillman and Jessica Bleyzer
Mitzvah Keepers
Class of 2028: Michelle Heyman-Kantor and Sarah Sager
Class of 2027: Elana Tennenbaum
Class of 2026: Judith Shear
Class of 2025: Abbey Greenburg
Chair: Jodi Gruber
Committee: Leanne Belz, Jennifer Dorfman, Kayleigh Eisenstein, Amanda Hirsch, Rebecca Bass, Blake Rasmussen, Ashley Wayne and Maggie Garfinkel
Chesed (Kindness)
Chairs: Diane Himmelstein and Carrie Lukes
Committee: Kayleigh Eisenstein, Emily Grossman, Brett Klugman, Erin Kohn and Brittany Gruber
JEFF (Jewish Experience For Families)
Chairs: Deena Goldstein, Melissa Gurovitsch and Michelle Ronay
Committee: Leanne Belz, Carrie Lukes, Sarah Sager and Sagit Epstein
BIG (Be Innovative Grant)
Chairs: Ali Fishman and Erin Kohn
Concessions Chair: Michelle Cohen
Committee: Ashley Wayne and Tamar Jacoby
Chairs: Michelle Heyman-Kantor and Talia Margolis
PALS (Parents as Liaisons in the School)
Chairs: Leanne Belz, Jennifer Dorfman, Marina Gershengorin and Traci Kraus
Committee: Rebecca Bass, Sara Berman, Jessica Bleyzer, Genna Guttman, Diana Himmelstein, Laura Katlin, Rachel Kaplan, Carrie Lukes, Marci Masur, Sara Morris, Dasha Pechersky, Nikki Riskin, Michelle Ronay, Ivy Sack, Katie Schaffer, Karen Schwartz, 
Tamima Wyszkowski and Crystal Zarinana
Parent Education
Chairs: Amanda Hirsch and Jessica Bleyzer
Committee: Lauren Singer, Melissa Gurovitsch and Ericka Thacker
Parking Lot
Chair: Bill Himmelstein
Special Friends Day
Chairs: Crystal Zarinana and Ashley Wayne
Committee: Debbie Litow, Bari Mlodinoff, Tamar Jacoby, Traci Kraus, Becca Stone, Carrie Lukes, Nikki Riskin, Sarah Sager, Diana Chamlin, Tracey Felter, Marina Gershengorin, Michelle Heyman-Kantor, Beth Krigel, Eric Stone, Erica Bishaf and Michelle Cohen
Teacher Appreciation
Chairs: Traci Kraus and Nikki Riskin
Committee: Tamar Jacoby, Marina Gershengorin, Michelle Heyman-Kantor, Jessica Bleyzer, Jennifer Dorfman, Ashley Wayne, Diana Himmelstein and Ali Fishman
Yad B'yad (Hand-in-Hand)
Chairs: Davida Wexler and Melissa Gurovitsch
Committee: Ashley Wayne, Nikki Riskin, Beth Krigel, Michelle Cohen, Erica Esser and Ivy Sack 
Young Family Events
Chair: Tara Silver
Committee: Jennifer Dorfman and Ashley Wayne


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