🎉 Mazel Tov to This Year's PTC BIG (Be Innovative Grant) Winners!
Rachel Charlip, Director of Development
Thanks to all the fundraising efforts of the PTC, including challah, concession sales and your participation in those efforts, on behalf of the entire community we were able to award $19,000 in grants through the Be Innovative Grant (BIG) program. BIG was created by the PTC to support our faculty and staff to implement innovative projects and ideas that otherwise wouldn't be funded.

1. Art Displays: Shana Ryback and Gili Sherman

The Visual Arts team was able to acquire a new, sleeker and more modern, accordion style art display which was displayed during Special Friends’ Day this year and will be used  for many events throughout the school years. They beautifully showcase all of our students' hard work. (Pictured)

2. Reading Curriculum for SK-4th: Jenna Adler, Alicia Levy and Karen Leavitt

As a result of this Knowledge based curriculum, a significant impact will reach ALL of the lower school students. This will be the first curriculum change in Language Arts in many years. As we continue to study the science of reading, we have a deeper understanding of how children learn. This knowledge based curriculum aligns with the research in a meaningful way, and its rigorous lessons allow our students to reach their full potential.

3. Swivl Robot for Instructional Coaching: Jenny Einberger

Jenny Einberger acquired a Swivl Robot to aid in creating a culture of coaching as professional development at BZ. Teachers participate in a six-week coaching round where they record themselves and their colleagues teaching to learn and grow from our current practice. With the Swivl, the robot follows the teacher as they move throughout the room and will capture more of the instruction in a class period.

Below are some highlights of a few of last year’s winners:

1. Early Childhood Sensory Room Updates: Tami Mizrachi and Rena Grosser

We were able to fund new and additional items for the sensory room that have been crucial tools for our early childhood team and students.  

2. 3D Printer Carts: Andrew Grabowski

With the help of BIG funding, Andrew Grabowski received three more 3D printers and carts for the school. These have come into use for many different classes and projects. 

3. Build our own Passover Haggadah: LS Jewish Studies Teachers along with Rachel Jury, Charki Dunn, Shana Rybeck and Karen Leavitt.

The lower school Jewish Studies team are creating their very own BZ Haggadah. They have been working with students to personalize some of their own Passover traditions within the Haggadah. They will be including QR codes with students singing songs and have included artwork that students have created. The goal will be to offer these to each lower school student upon completion and then to eventually sell them for school fundraising.  

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