Purchase Your Music Festival Shirts at the PTC Spirit Store
Rachel Charlip, Assistant Director of Development
This year we are asking all students to wear a special shirt for both Bernard Zell music festivals: Hanukkah Music Festival on Thursday, December 22, 2022, and Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day on Friday, May 12, 2023.
If you already own a branded shirt or dress from Land’s End, you are all set! If not, please visit our Spirit Store to purchase a “Music Festival” shirt that has our ‘Bernard Zell est. 1946’ logo on it. Choose from cotton or tech, long or short sleeved. Please make your purchase by November 20, 2022 so it arrives at school in time for the first performance. 
While you are visiting the online store, be sure to check out our new designs. You can wear spirit gear any time during the year to show your school spirit, and especially on Fridays!
Funds raised support the PTC BIG (Be Innovative Grant) program which allows faculty to apply for a grant to bring innovative, creative programs and curriculum into the classroom.
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