The Class of 2021 Completes Stunning Self Portraits for Exhibition
Gili Sherman, Art Teacher
In Ms. Sherman's art class, eighth-grade students are learning about the history of photography, the lasting import of images and how to create meaningful photographs and portraits. They just completed a wonderful and creative process of reflecting upon who they are and what aspects of life weave together to form one's identity as part of their year-long interdisciplinary learning project with Artist-in-Residence, Dr. Ann Weiss. 
Students first learned about the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, who explored her identity through painting expressive self-portraits throughout her life. The students considered everything from early childhood memories to stories told to them by their parents along with their own interests and experiences and incorporated symbols and imagery with their portraits for these stunning works of art. 
The students' self-portraits will be presented in a photographic exhibit scheduled to open on May 1 alongside photographs of Holocaust Survivors and information about the virtual interviews the students conducted with them. The community will be invited to see our exhibit, which will be visible on the windows in our new lobby. The students and Middle School faculty can’t wait for you to see it. Click here or see below for their stunning self portraits!
This project would not be possible without the generous financial support of the Arkes and Lucas families in memory of Lisa and Aaron Derman and Magda Brown, and for that, we will always be grateful. 

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