View the BZ Climate Friendly Cookbook
Maya L., Emma V. and Sophie Z., Class of 2022
For their climate action project in their final year at Bernard Zell, 8th grade students Maya L., Emma V. and Sophie Z. set out to develop and publish a climate friendly, online cookbook for the BZ community.  The goal of the cookbook is to share helpful and sustainable recipes and dietary tips. After testing the first draft by sending it to eight families, the feedback they received was so inspiring that they decided to experiment with different recipes and online designs and are ready to share La Vida Verde: Living the Green Life with you!  
Our goal for this project is to decrease the demand in livestock and other animal-produced products. If the demand for these products decreases, farmers don’t have to meet the high demand. If the farmers produce more livestock, this results in more methane being released into the atmosphere. We believe that the best way to reduce the demand for meat is to create a guide for what a more sustainable eating lifestyle could look like. 
This is a family friendly website full of sustainable recipes. Some recipes are vegetarian and some are vegan. It also includes some recipes with meat, but fewer to encourage a lower demand for it. Although livestock is not great for the environment, we understand it is hard to stop eating it just like that. 
Thank you so much for being open to changing your eating lifestyle to help save the environment!

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