Video: 2020 Annual Music Awards Luncheon
Charki Dunn, Director of Music
The Annual Music Awards Luncheon was held last Wednesday, May 27, and was a huge success! All Bernard Zell bands and choirs performed music they learned in class earlier this year and were honored for their incredible accomplishments. Additionally, band students who earned their black belts received recognition for their achievements.

The ceremony was well attended with over 100 families together on Zoom, honoring our students for their musical accomplishments. Despite the shift to distance learning, students persevered and had a fabulous year in music! Congratulations to all the band and choir students who were honored last week. We hope you enjoy these videos below—they are truly amazing!
BZ Jazz Lab: "Black Orpheus"
5th-Grade Choir: "Eat It"
Freddie Freeloader
BZ Harmony: "I'm Still Standing"
Advanced Band: "Shepherd's Hay"
BZ Choir: "The Greatest"
Intermediate Band: "Vandivere Fanfare"

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