Be An Upstander: Register for Bullying Prevention Parent Program this Friday
Leah Frydman, Early Childhood & Lower School Social Worker
Is it teasing or bullying? Yes, there is a difference! And, when children are able to handle teasing effectively, they are less likely to become victims of bullying. Bernard Zell is excited to welcome Judy Freedman, author of Easing the Teasing, on Friday, October 14, at 8:00 a.m. in Rose Crown. 
This presentation, hosted by Leah Frydman, Early Childhood and Lower School Social Worker, and Sarah Sweet, will address: teasing vs. bullying; overuse and misuse of the term “bullying;” reasons for and effects of teasing and bullying; “easing the teasing” coping strategies, and the power of bystanders. Judy Freedman will also share how bullying prevention begins at home. You will walk away empowered with tools, tips, and practical guidance to empower kids to cope effectively with teasing and combat bullying.
Please help us create a culture of upstanders at our school by bringing this information home to help your children continue to be confident, kind members of our community. This presentation is geared toward Lower School parents, but all are welcome to join. 
Register: Bully Prevention Program at BZ

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