The New Third Grade Recorder Ensemble
Charki Dunn, Director of Music
After a request from some of our 3rd grade students, we have formed the Third Grade Recorder Ensemble! The class is learning to play recorder without actually playing their recorder. They are using a recorder book that has back-up music for every exercise we are learning.
First we chant the notes and move our fingers to the correct rhythm and beat of the music. We then repeat this, with the recording. When the students are at home, they can then play their recorder with the music. The group varies from week to week, but we are all having fun—learning to make music without playing the recorder. Any third grade student can join the class. We meet every Wednesday morning, from 8:00 - 8:20 a.m. 
A very special thank you to Jon and Jodi Harris for the generous donation of recorders and for their longstanding support of Bernard Zell's music program!


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