Stretching and Shrinking in MS Math
Valentina Sorescu, MS Math Teacher
Can math be fun? Absolutely! Ask the 6th graders in Ms. Sorescu's math class about their WUMP project and they will tell you that Stretching and Shrinking is not boring! In fact, students “stretched” to create relatives of WUMP, the family whose relatives we create when we design figures similar to the original WUMP and whose coordinates are provided.
The imposters are the “others” that do not preserve the aspect ratio. For example, a figure following the (2x-1,2y+5) - rule, would be the WUMP’s relative because the dilation coefficient is 2, both horizontally and vertically. The figure is then translated up 5 units and left 1 unit from the original. Again, everything is calculated from the given coordinates of father “Wump.” Students created rules in the form of algebraic expressions to represent their chosen dilations and translations. They calculated the coordinates of the image points using the coordinates of WUMP and beautified their posters using their limitless imagination. See their original work in the photos below!

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