Meet the New Intergalactic Classmates in SK110
Andy Hirt, Senior Kindergarten Teacher
Earlier this year, students in SK110 took a trip that was out of this world—outer space! On their voyage, Senior Kindergarten students downloaded different facts and attributes of the rocky inner planets and the mysterious gas giants.
After each discussion, the space explorers journaled their discoveries and even investigated surface and atmosphere composition through experiments. But their explorations didn’t stop there. They continued to have many lively conversations discussing the possibility of life inhabiting another planet in our solar system.
Even though the students decided that life was unlikely on any other planet, their imaginations soared to other possibilities. In small groups, students created their own alien friends they believed could live among us or in a galaxy far, far away!
Each group sketched and then created their own exotic, unidentified creature using recycled materials. After naming and then deciding where their new friend arrived from, the groups presented facts to the class about their alien's unique traits or skills. Laser eyes, blinding lights and super speedy wings were just a small percentage of the creative powers and features ascribed to their new classmates from outer space! 

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