🧡 Shalom U’ L’hitraot Lihi and Eitam!
Rachel Jury, Director of Jewish Studies
Please join us in saying todah (thank you) and goodbye to our wonderful Shinshinim, Lihi and Eitam, whose last day at school was yesterday. These two wonderful Israelis left their families and homes to spend the year with us. We are so thankful for all their contributions this year, as they aided in enriching the BZ experience for our students in contemporary Israeli culture, holidays and Hebrew language. Their beaming smiles and unmatched ruach (spirit), will be greatly missed!
Hosted by our Shinshinim, our students and BZ Community have been celebrating them all-week long with delicious, fun and outdoor water activities. Don’t forget to show your appreciation by asking your child(ren) to write personal notes. There is a box for each Shinshin by Ms. Houston’s desk.   

Our Shinshinim would love to stay in touch with the BZ community so feel free to reach out to them at the contact information below and keep scrolling to read a special goodbye message from Lihi and Eitam that they shared during a schoolwide Shabbat farewell last Friday! 
Hello everyone,
We are really excited to be here today, we can’t believe that the year is already over, we still remember our first day here- when you all jumped on us with a warm welcome and hugs.
This year has been one of the most exciting and meaningful years we have ever had, and a lot of that is because of you.
We wanted to say todah rabah (thank you very much), תודה רבה, for everything. Todah for taking part in our activities and games, Todah for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us, Todah for teaching us something new every day, Todah for inviting us to all of the different events and overnight trips, Todah for giving us home when we are so far away for ours, and showing us what a real strong, Jewish community is.
We appreciate each one and one of you, students, parents, teachers and staff. You are all amazing. No matter where we are, we will always be part of this amazing BZ community.
Before we finish we want to say a big thank you to Ms. Jury for taking care of us and guiding us when we needed, thanks to all of the Jewish Studies and Hebrew teachers for letting us lead activities and classes. You were our second family here at school and we love each and every one of you so much. We want to say a special thank you to Ms. Bernstein for being our mom here at school, listening to all of our crazy ideas and thinking together how we can do them, and just for being here for us no matter what.
Last but not least, we wanted to say thank you to all of the students for being the reason we are so sad to leave.
We love you BZ!
And we will miss you.
Don’t forget us!

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