Register for a Community Event on November 9 with Artist-in-Residence, Ruben Shimonov
Gili Sherman, MS Art Teacher
Thanks to the PTC's Be Innovative Grant, we're pleased to welcome and introduce our Middle School Artist-in-Residence, Ruben Shimonov—a visual artist who uses his multilingual Arabic-Hebrew-Persian calligraphy to build Muslim-Jewish interfaith bridges. We look forward to welcoming him to campus on Wednesday, November 9 for a Middle School student-focused presentation in the afternoon and a similar virtual offering for our community that evening beginning 7:30 p.m. Learn more and register for the event below.

Community Programming
Wednesday, November 9 | 7:30 p.m. via Zoom

Sephardic? Mizrahi? Exploring Terminology that Will Deepen Our Understanding of Jewish Diversity

You might have heard the words “Sephardic” and “Mizrahi” before, but how much do you know about them? In this session, all community members are invited to explore the multifaceted nature of these identity terms. Journeying through various time periods and geographical areas, attendees will deepen their knowledge of the eclectic mosaic of Jewish communities with deep roots in North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Central Asia. The exploration will also shed light on the ways in which Sephardic and Mizrahi experiences fit into a broader conversation about Jewish history, diversity and peoplehood. This community offering will be a similar, more in-depth, version of what Mr. Shimonov shares with students earlier in the day. 

Click the button below to register. After, you'll receive an email confirmation with the Zoom link. No background in Arabic or Hebrew calligraphy necessary. We look forward to sharing this amazing opportunity with our community! 

              View Mr. Shimonov's biography

Student Programming
Tuesday, November 8

Maktoub/Katuv: A Hands-On Exploration of Hebrew and Arabic Calligraphy

During their B'Tzavta on Wednesday, November 9, all Middle School students will participate in this interactive session and virtual gallery tour led by Mr. Shimonov. Students will dive into the rich visual worlds of Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy. Through historical, spiritual, linguistic and artistic lenses, they will discover the parallels between both languages. In their classes after, our students will also have the opportunity to engage with these two languages through a hands-on calligraphy workshop and collaborative group art piece.

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