Seventh Graders Utilize Reading Fiction to Increase Empathy and Understanding
Kate Gorsky, MS Learning Specialist
Since the beginning of the school year, 7th grade students have been challenged to continue harnessing their love of reading to learn more about the world and themselves. They read an article, How Reading Fiction Increases Empathy and Encourages Understanding and were introduced to the concept of using what they read as both a window and a mirror. A window, to a place, world, or time different from their own; a mirror that reflects their own experiences back to them. Both help the young adults of BZ broaden their perspectives on themselves and the world. 
To that end, recently we have been exploring social commentary, or when an author uses a text to make an observation, often a critique, of our society. We used the teleplay and episode from a classic episode of The Twilight Zone to explore this concept.
  • What are the benefits or consequences of living somewhere where everyone is the same?
  • What happens when a group of people becomes fearful?
  • Are humans capable of handling intense situations without a leader?
  • How do we handle living in a community with people with whom we disagree?
These are thought-provoking questions for anyone to grapple with, and our students are demonstrating insightfulness as they tackle them. 

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