📚 Professional Development at Bernard Zell
Dr. Fornero, Assistant Head of School
To prepare for the 2023-24 school year, our faculty spent the week prior to the start of school embarking on a growth, innovation, and learning journey. This year we have a comprehensive and dynamic schedule of professional development activities poised to build upon the foundation of the past couple of school years.
At the forefront lies the Responsive Classroom framework—a philosophy that places both social-emotional and academic competencies at the core of student learning. We firmly believe in nurturing not only the intellectual development of our students but also their emotional growth. This year, our focal point is the implementation of engaging academics within our classrooms, creating a vibrant and interactive learning environment.
During our in-service sessions, our faculty participated in two enlightening workshops led by our academic consultant, Lisa Vahey. These sessions were designed to equip our teachers with innovative protocols and approaches that harness the power of the natural learning cycleAs a complement to these sessions, teachers engaged in collaborative brainstorming with their grade-level teams to identify diverse strategies for boosting engagement to kick off the new school year.
We will conduct multiple professional development programs throughout the school year for our faculty and staff. This will include grade- and division-specific sessions, along with whole-school opportunities. On October 6, our faculty will participate in the "Experience Dyslexia" workshop. This eye-opening session will be complemented by an information session from Compass Health Center, focusing on "Supporting Student Regulation." It's a day packed with valuable insights that will further empower our teachers to cater to the diverse needs of our students.
We are excited and ready for the 2023-24 school year, and if the first week is any indication, it promises to be a great year!

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