Join us for Observing the Yoms at Bernard Zell
Shosh Bernstein, Jewish Life Coordinator
Dear Bernard Zell Families, 
Each year on the heels of Passover, three modern Jewish holidays arrive, collectively referred to as the "yoms."Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) andYom HaZikaron (Israeli Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and victims of terror attacks) are days that mark unique observances in the Jewish calendar and help us seeYom HaAtzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) not as a separate day but as part of nine days that build up to it. Here at Bernard Zell, we have several opportunities for our community to join us to commemorate and honor these important holidays (see below). 

Honoring Yom HaShoah | Holocaust Remembrance Day

Monday, April 17, Erev Yom HaShoah

  • Yahrzeit candles are available to pick up at Kim’s desk beginning today. At sundown that night we invite you to light memorial candles in memory of those who perished in the Holocaust.  
Tuesday, April 18, Yom HaShoah
  • Eighth grade students will lead a Ceremony of Remembrance for the Middle School from 8:20 - 8:50 a.m. in the sanctuary. All parents are welcome to join us for the Middle School Ceremony. Fourth grade students will have a small ceremony in their classrooms.
    • On Yom HaShoah, all Middle School students and 3rd and 4th graders are asked to wear white shirts.

Honoring Yom HaZikaron | Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism

​Tuesday, April 25, Yom HaZikaron ​
  • In Middle School, students will commemorate this day with a ceremony focusing on the theme of the somber music of the day in stark contrast to the joyful celebration of Yom HaAtzmaut. Our ceremony from 8:15 - 8:50 a.m. begins with the lowering of the Israeli flag to half-mast. All parents are welcome to join the Middle School ceremony.
    • All MS students and 3rd and 4th graders are asked to wear white shirts.
  • Gan HaZikaron, Memorial Garden: This year we will be installing a memorial garden, Gan HaZikaron, in memory of Israel’s fallen soldiers along the wall on the west side of the school. Be sure to stop by and see the Middle School’s new installation.  

Celebrating Yom HaAtzmaut | Israel’s Independence Day

Wednesday, April 26, Yom HaAtzmaut 

  • We will join in a school-wide celebration of Israel's birthday. 
    • Everyone is asked to wear blue and white shirts as part of our celebration according to the list below.
      • Nursery: Blue
      • JK: White
      • SK- Blue
      • 1st Grade: White
      • 2nd Grade: Blue
      • 3rd Grade: White
      • 4th Grade: Blue
      • 5th Grade: White
      • 6th Grade: Blue
      • 7th Grade: White
  • Seventh grade will lead the opening ceremony and we are honored to welcome Daniel Aschheim, Deputy Consul General of Israel.
  • There will be Israel-centered activities in Early Childhood, Lower School and Middle School throughout the day, organized by faculty in each division. We will Zoom at lunch with our 8th graders from Tiyul. 
  • All School Parade: Parents are invited at 1:45 p.m. There will be specific areas from which parents will be able to view the parade. Lower School parents are invited to stay after the parade to see their children do Israeli dancing guided by a guest shinshin, Carmel.
Chag Sameach!  
Shosh Bernstein, 
Jewish Life Coordinator

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