Sixth Graders Finish Monotheistic Religions Unit
Charone Ousley, MS Jewish Studies
Sixth Grade History students have been diligently working on their culminating essay focusing on the three major monotheistic religions. They began their unit by first considering their beliefs. Students created a poster reflecting on the question, "What do I believe and where do my beliefs come from?" 
Students used two essential questions to guide their study of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The two questions were:
  1. "What is the origin of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?"
  2. "What are similarities and differences among these three monotheistic faiths?"
The students shared interesting observations. For example, they pointed to Christianity and Islam's connection to Judaism, learning that they have Abrahamic origins. They shared that although all three monotheistic religions have similar beliefs and laws and they are practiced differently in each faith. Some of these beliefs, laws and practices include dietary laws, the role of prophets, houses of worship, clergy, sacred texts, prayers, springtime holy days, religious garb, life-cycle events and much more.
Central to their study of the three major monotheistic religions is developing respect for others' beliefs, and thinking critically about how these three world religions have evolved over millennia. 

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