Ms. Brauerโ€™s Third Grade Students Approach Learning Through a Different Lens
Candice Brauer, Third Grade Teacher
Students in Room 202 are continuing their work on Genius Hour throughout the school year. Children spend some time every week exploring their passions by spending time inquiring and researching a driving question focused on that passion.
The students are in the driver's seat and are given the space, tools and the audience to create something unique to them and ultimately are learning in the process. Each child begins their project by exploring their curiosity around a driving question. This question will involve research and ultimately they will create a product from the project to share with others. Below are some examples of a few projects that have been completed by students this year. A student wanted to learn how to sew a shirt so they began their research and note-taking on this. The end product was a doll size shirt sewn out of fabric created independently by the child. The class loved watching the final presentation where the student taught the class (the audience) all about how to sew a shirt. Other projects involved how to create carnival games and why sidewalks have cracks in them!

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