🎶 Rocking Out in Lower School Music Classes
Ms. Dunn, Director of Music
Lower School music classes include movement, singing, clapping and playing instruments. The first grade classes have been learning to read simple rhythms using the syllables “ta” (for one-quarter note), “ti-ti” (for two eighth notes) and “sh” for a quarter note rest. The students are learning to clap and say the rhythms and to learn to recognize and play the written patterns using rhythm instruments.
The second grade classes are continuing to read and recognize simple rhythms, adding symbols for half notes & rests as well as whole notes and rests on the large tubano drums. Each student has their own drum to use in class where they have time to improvise their own drum patterns. It’s a lot of fun, and very noisy!
The third grade classes have begun to play simple melodies on the recorder, playing the notes G, A, B and C. The students have to listen and echo patterns for each other and will begin to learn to read these note on the music staff in the coming weeks. Watch the video below showing third grade students who made up a 4-beat body percussion pattern to the Humpty Dumpty Rap. 
This week, all students will begin learning Hanukkah songs in preparation for the Hanukkah Music Festival. They are very excited to find out what song they will be performing at the concert!

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