📓 Middle School 101: As Taught by 5th Graders
Ms. Einberger & Ms. Thompson.
This week, students in 5th grade built some pretty amazing strategies to know how to keep themselves organized and be ready for all the new classes they have in middle school. 
Then, after practicing with a partner, they practiced teaching their parents (!) how to be a successful middle schooler.

Important topics covered included:
  • How to keep an organized accordion file
  • What to put (and what NOT to put) in your locker
  • Color-coding 101
  • Where is my next class? (or How To Read My Schedule)
  • The Assignment Notebook & World Domination (okay, just the assignment notebook part)
  • How to keep your Chromebook in good working order and use it responsibly
BZ’s newest middle schoolers are impressing their teachers with their executive functioning prowess! The question remains: Are YOU more organized than a 5th grader?

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