Meet and Welcome Bernard Zell's 2022-23 Shinshinim from Israel
Rachel Jury, Director of Jewish Studies
Bernard Zell, in collaboration with The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and The iCenter, is thrilled to welcome Eitam and Lihi, two talented 18-year-old Israelis to Chicago for the 2022-23 academic year. We’re so pleased to announce that two of them have joined the Bernard Zell community! 
Shinshinim are charismatic 18-year-old Israelis who engage and enrich the lives of students, their peers and the broader community. Shinshin is an acronym for sh’nat she’rut, a year of service. This group of Israelis has graduated high school and delayed their army service in order to serve as volunteer educators in communities around the world.
Chicago’s shinshinim are highly motivated and dedicated individuals representing the best of their generation in Israel. Throughout the academic year, they’ll take on active roles in our school and will facilitate fun and engaging activities and programs related to contemporary Israeli culture, holidays and Hebrew language.
If you'd like to send Bernard Zell's shinshinim a welcome note, we encourage you to email!

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