A Tribute to Karen Manilow's 19 Years of Dedication to Bernard Zell
JoAnn Wexler Social Fund
After 19 years as a pillar in our math department, Karen Manilow did not return to teaching Middle School math this year. As many of you may know, Ms. Manilow has metastatic breast cancer, and her treatment has taken a toll. Though we will miss seeing her at school every day, we are so happy she can prioritize her health. 
Our JoAnn Wexler Social Fund, led by Hilary Gorosh, Jenny Einberger and Marley Kotler, is requesting our community's participation in a video "Tribute" to Ms. Manilow—an unforgettable gift that will share our collective love and appreciation for her 19 years at Bernard Zell.
Here's a few things to know:
  • It's a surprise!
  • The deadline to submit is Friday, October 7.
  • It will only take a minute to film and submit your video. Encourage your former students or friends of Bernard Zell to submit or forward them the link! 
Questions to Answer in Your Video:
  • What is an important lesson you have learned from Ms. Manilow?
  • How has your life been impacted by Ms. Manilow?
  • What are your best wishes for Ms. Manilow for life after BZ?
Submit My Tribute to Ms. Manilow

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