JK103 Students Proudly Earn Their BZ Library Cards
Ashley Iglow and Marthe Spizman, JK103 Teachers
Since the beginning of the school year, several children in JK103 were dictating stories to teachers and acting them out. As the interest in story writing continued, we gave each child their own notebook so they could keep all of their stories in one place. These notebooks are kept in a spot that the children could easily access whenever they want to write or illustrate a story.
While in small groups each week, everyone has the opportunity to visit the library and check out a book. It is a very exciting part of the week for them, as they get to choose their own books and share them with their classmates throughout the week! While several children have been writing stories in their notebooks, some also choose to make their own books. 
A group of students pretended to be librarians checking out their books and decided to transform our loft into a library! They made library cards, cards indicating the due date and even scanners designed after the one used in our school library. We are so proud of the children for all they have done so far and for extending their interest in story writing!

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