Framing Our Future Alumni Spotlight: Gabrielle Greenberg
Abby Spalding, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications

Gabrielle Greenberg, Class of 2015

How BZ Framed Her Future
I would say that Anshe Emet/BZAEDS (it will always be one of those to me) has really strongly prepared me for high school, college, and even now while I study abroad. There were so many instances when I was in high school where I would use skills and notes from BZ (things that I thought were pointless and busy work at the time). I remember my teachers being so impressed with the way I organized large papers and I attributed those skills to my middle school teachers! Now, while I’m just starting my journey of studying abroad in Milan, Italy, there are so many things that are similar to my Tiyul in 2015.
I recently found a composition notebook from Israel where I wrote what I did every day, things I enjoyed, new foods that I tried, and just reflections on everything. I distinctly remember being so annoyed that my teachers asked us to write everything down, but I found it right before I left for Italy, and reading it was amazing. It brought back so many memories and I am so grateful that I did journal my trip! Because of that, I decided to do the same for this semester in Italy, and hopefully look back on this experience years from now to remember things I may forget.
Her Favorite BZ Memories
I really did love Anshe Emet, I still feel like this school plays such a large role in my life, even 7 years after I graduated. Whenever I look back at my time at BZAEDS, I am so overwhelmed with nostalgia. It always makes me smile thinking about things like; Israeli Independence Day dancing and shuk, painting above the 4th floor lockers, upstairs lunch vs downstairs lunch, going to learning services and sitting on those comfy chairs to take tests, all of the class trips we took, the relationships we fostered with our teachers, the excitement when you felt to stand for the letter of your name during Ashre in tefillah, BZ Olympics, the signing of yearbooks, 5th grade Greek Olympics, end of year award ceremony, singing “Not by Might” at the Hanukkah festival and Grandparents day, our 4th grade reading buddies with the SKers, the 4th grade science fair, and so so so many more amazing things we did in my 10/11 years there.
What She's Doing Now
Studying marketing abroad in Milan, Italy!
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