Fourth Grade Begins Financial Literacy Unit, Shark Tank
Rachel Silverberg, 4th Grade Teacher
This week, 4th graders began the long-awaited Shark Tank/Financial Literacy unit!  Following much build-up and anticipation throughout the year, students are eager to begin innovating new products to pitch to the Sharks. 
Prior to this exciting moment, students must learn the many perks, deductions, and caveats to earning, borrowing, and spending money.  We begin with picture books focused on saving money, working towards savings goals, and an introduction to taxes. Students learn about income, manufacturing costs, potential profit, and paying back debts with interest. Once the foundation is laid, fourth graders look forward to learning who the Sharks will be and sharing their detailed financial plan with them in hopes they will "invest" in their products!  So be sure to ask your kids...will you be an entrepreneur or a "want"-repreneur?!

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