✈️ Follow the Class of 2023 on Their Tiyul Adventures
Joey Shapiro, 8th Grade Teacher
On Wednesday, April 19, two days after returning from Passover break, the Class of 2023, along with theirTiyul chaperones, will depart Chicago for Tel Aviv for two full weeks, where their years of learning will come together in a life-changing experience they'll never forget! In addition to updates via our social media on Instagram and Facebook, be sure to bookmark the links below or use the short URL bernardzell.org/tiyul to view everything Tiyul 2023!
"I am very excited to be in the water of any kind. I am also very excited to see different communities' synagogues. I am also very excited to eat a bunch of great food."
— Nathan P. 
"I am so excited for Tiyul! I can not wait to be surrounded by my culture and be able to use all of the learning that has led up to this moment. I will be able to see my history in Israel in the Western Wall, the Jordan River, etc. I also am so excited to go to the Dead Sea because I've heard so much about it so I really want to see it for myself and float in it."
— Sadie C.
"I am looking forward to being in a community with people that are similar to me, and seeing how to do things similarly and differently. Another thing I am looking forward to is the food, I've been there once and I can't wait to eat there again. One more thing I am looking forward to is aqua kef, I can't wait to throw teachers and friends off of the floating things."
— Lev L.
"I'm excited to bond with my grade and have a special experience with them. I'm also looking forward to going to the Dead Sea and being able to float and get covered in the special mud. I'm especially looking forward to Yom Ha'atzmaut and getting to celebrate Israel in Israel, I can't wait to go through the state and celebrate not only with Israelis but especially with my friends and all of the eighth graders."
— Tova B.

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