🤝 Focusing on Friendship in SK
Morah Andrea, SK Jewish Studies/Hebrew Teacher
The value theme of חברות Chaverut (friendship), is seamlessly weaved into Senior Kindergarten every day! The students read stories about friendship, role-play scenarios on how to be a good friend, and regularly problem-solve issues that may arise. The benefits of this are evident even in the second week of school! 
We remind the students to follow the traits of a BZ student and be considerate, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, and problem solvers. In all three of the SK classes, students made the connection that we are better friends when we aim to follow those rules. Students learned the terms for friend in Hebrew חבר, חברה, חברים, חברות (chaver, chaverah, chaverim, chaverot) and are striving to find ways to ‘find the kind’ and use their kind hearts with others.
Discussions already show a level of understanding of the needs of different friends in the classroom.

Teacher: What might you do if you see a friend alone at recess?
Hannah: You can ask them to join a game.
Finn: Or maybe you can see if they want to play.
Lila: Sometimes people like to play by themselves.
Maxton: Right, you should ask if they want to play or if they want space.
We are so proud to be seeing these young learners seamlessly embrace the value of chaverut, so early in their BZ journey!

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