Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week 2022-23
PTC Faculty/Staff Appreciation Committeeย 
Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week is celebrated nationally in May, but BZ is celebrating our incredible staff this week instead! All parents are members of the PTC and the dues you pay each year go to support our amazing faculty and staff in so many ways. 
Here is a letter from the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Committee that highlights what you are doing for our faculty, staff, and kitchen, maintenance and security teams!

Dear Amazing Faculty and Staff,
The Faculty/Staff Appreciation Committee is so excited to celebrate all of you and say thank you for the incredible job you are doing. 
At BZ we like to do things our way, which means sometimes bucking trends, like moving Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week to February 27 - March 3. 
This way, rather than being distracted by Special Friends Day and all the various holidays, the focus will solely be on YOU (as it should be!). Don’t worry, we are saving fan favorite Bucket Bonanza for the “official” Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week. 
That being said, the following is the schedule for our own Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week:
  • Monday, February 27 - Let’s Get Caffeinated! Coffee Cart from 7:45 am -9:00 am by Ms. Houston’s Desk. 
  • Tuesday, February 28 - Say Spaaahhhh:  Come to the Teacher’s Lounge to pick up a hand or foot mask for ultimate relaxation. 
  • Wednesday, March 1 - Wear your BZ Pride: Pick up some BZ Swag in the Teacher’s Lounge. 
  • Thursday, March 2 - “Bernie” Wonka is here to give you the golden ticket (or Hershey Kiss). From 7:45 - 9:00 am in the basement faculty Lounge, come and grab a Hershey Kiss and see if you got the golden ticket. There are a lot of chances to win fun prizes and add a little bit of sweetness to your day. 
  • Friday, March 3 - it’s a surprise! You didn’t think we would tell you everything we had planned, did you? 
Thank you all for all that you do - we can’t wait to say thank you! 
With gratitude,
The PTC Faculty/Staff Appreciation Committee 

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