Do You Have These Items? Clothing Donations Needed for 8th-Grade Operetta
Brandon Becker, Performing Arts Director

The debut of our annual Morton Reisman 8th-Grade Operetta is almost one month away and you can see that while we have gotten a solid start on costumes, there are still many empty slots to be filled!

We are hoping that if you have any of the following items you could donate them to help make the show a success (and then you can literally watch and see your donation put to use!)

1. Bright Colored and/or Nordic-themed clothing: We are looking for obnoxiously brightly colored sweaters, scarves, skirts, hats, pants, leggings and even shorts. Any size that is an adult small or larger would be great! The only "requirement" is that they should either be patchwork or "Nordic" style clothing (see below for examples).

2. Baggy Earth Colored Clothing: We are also looking for oversized baggy clothes that are in earth colors: green, brown, gray and in a contemporary hip hop style. Again, any size that is an adult small or larger would be appreciated.

If you have any of these items, please drop them by the front desk labeled "Operetta" by Thursday, March 5. Even if the clothing is slightly stained, torn, or damaged, we will take it. The clothing will become "fixer uppers" to make it shine on stage! The Class of 2020 appreciates any donations you can offer!

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