✍️ Creating our Classroom
Ms. Silverberg, Lower School Teacher
What a whirlwind of a first week in 4th grade!  We have spent most of our time together learning how we can best take care of one another, creating a calm and organized learning environment, and engaging in community-building activities.  According to the students, the highlights of our week included drawing portraits of one another, starting our new class read-aloud, Holes, and our Hoop Glider STEM activity. This activity requires students to work together to create a glider made solely of straws and rings of paper to see whose will travel the furthest.  In order to be successful, students have to adapt their thinking and build upon the thoughts of their teammates in order to adjust their gliders. Our fourth graders are also excited to be the new leaders of Lower School, showing their pride during recess and leading Tefillah!

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