🌏 Class of 2023 Climate Action Evening
Beth Sanzenbacher, Science Instructional Leader
By the time our students reach Middle School, their depth of learning creates hands-on, all-in, game-changing experiences. This was especially evident during last Thursday's Class of 2023 Climate Action Evening, where our 8th grade students presented climate-focused solutions for a sustainable city of the future for their parents, faculty and staff and community members.
Using the Jewish values of bal taschchit (no waste or destruction) and tikkun olam (making the world a better place), their solutions for a better world focused on:
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Products and packaging
  • Transportation
  • Buildings and infrastructure
  • Reducing waste
  • Education and awareness
We are so proud of our 8th graders for their professionalism and creativity, as well as becoming role models for their fellow classmates, parents and community on the impacts of climate change. The Class of 2023 hopes their projects will inspire all of us to be agents of social change and to honor and take care of our Earth for current and future generations.

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