📸 BZ 8th Graders Develop Deeper Ways of Seeing, with a Professional Photographer!
Gili Sherman, Visual Arts & Jeff Ellison, History
BZ 8th graders had the opportunity to learn from professional photographer and artist-in-residence, Brendan Bannon, for their annual integrated project about refugees, titled 'Images of Displacement & Hope.' Bannon has extensive experience working as a photographer in refugee camps around the world with the United Nations.  

Prior to Bannon’s visit, our students learned about the Holocaust, focusing on Ukrainian Jews and Ukrainian history. They also studied the 'Refuseniks' from the waning days of the USSR, as well as contemporary Ukrainian refugees who had to flee the recent Russian incursion. This comprehensive exploration fostered a deeper empathy for the refugee experience as they conducted interviews with a variety of individuals. Under the guidance of history teacher Dr. Jeff Ellison and art teacher Gili Sherman, the students worked with each immigrant to construct a portrait that would visually narrate their story. During his visit, Bannon worked with the students to fine-tune their images and assisted them in creating a 'response' image of their own. Through these response images, the students will be able to reflect on and share what they learned from their interviewees in an impactful visual manner.  

Brendan Bannon will return to BZ for the opening night of our student exhibit showcasing these powerful photographs. We look forward to sharing this meaningful project with the entire BZ community.

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