🇮🇱 Bernard Zell Yom HaZikaron 2023
Rachel Jury, Director of Jewish Studies
Yesterday we observed יום הזיכרון (Yom HaZikaron), a day to honor and memorialize Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism. Our Middle School students and families gathered for a student-led ceremony in partnership with our Shinshinim. As they do in Israel, we sounded the alarm for one minute while everyone stood for a moment of silence, lit candles, lowered the Israeli flag and told stories of those who have fallen and sang songs to commemorate them. 
During gibush, students watched videos from the project 'A Face. A Memory. A Day' as inspiration to decorate rocks they placed amongst our Gan HaZikaron (Memorial Garden), in memory of Isreal's fallen soldiers. We’re proud to witness our students honoring this day in such a meaningful way. 

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