A Message from the Early Childhood Team
EC Faculty & Staff
Dear Early Childhood Families—We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your children with us this year. We have marveled at the way they have grown. While some may have fewer teeth and many have sprouted up an inch or two, they have all, most importantly, engaged in a year of great learning both from an intellectual and social emotional lens.
Through the nurturing guidance of their teachers and the support of their classmates, our students were encouraged to find the wonder in the world around them and to look at all their experiences with intense curiosity. From intellectual pursuits to community building, they took risks, made some mistakes, and learned to look at things from another's perspective. We couldn't be prouder.
While summer is a time to relax and refresh, it is also a time for students to reflect on their accomplishments and to set goals for the year ahead.
What did they most enjoy?
What gave them their good struggles?
Did they always try their best?
Were they kind to and respectful of their peers and teachers?
The list of questions and the possibilities for reflection are endless. These are questions we encourage you to explore with your children. The ability to reflect is a life skill that builds critical thinking and social-emotional competencies and  can benefit your child in a myriad of ways. It allows them a window to look outside themselves and a mirror to see how their actions and decisions contribute to how others see them. 
It has truly been an honor to share this incredibly unique year with your children and your families. For those of you who are ending your family's journey in our Bernard Zell Early Childhood program, we send you off with great love and appreciation for your partnership! We know your children are ready for the excitement and learning that awaits them in Lower School.
On behalf of our Early Childhood team, we wish you a wonderful summer!

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