A Message from Emily Crane, Head of Middle School | April 10, 2024
Emily Crane, Head of Middle School
8th graders work to save our planet!

Last week, 8th grade students had their culminating Climate Action Evening. This was a presentation for parents and teachers on the myriad of ways to help the planet and apply Jewish values from the inception of their ideas. Students used specific criteria to plan, build, and test their inventions: uses of solar power, incorporating ways to create less landfill, vegan treats and beauty products, as well as alternatives for transportation. They folded a Jewish lens into their solutions and provided a very impressive evening of critical thinking and experiential learning. The audience was then invited to see, play with and eat some of the inventions during an interactive intermission. It’s comforting to know that our students are thinking about the planet and their roles in taking care to ensure a bright future. 

Thanks so much to Ms. Sanzenbacher for her passion, dedication and leadership and for creating a phenomenal learning experience. 

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