🍎 A Letter from Ms. Crane, Head of Middle School
Ms. Crane, Head of Middle School
Dear Middle School Families,
We’ve had a successful first week in Middle School. Everyone has settled in and reviewed our school and classroom norms, and they are already engaging in learning. After visiting the classrooms, I’d like to reflect on our Responsive Advisory Meetings, and how meaningful they are to the overall school environment. Each student begins the day with greetings, making them feel seen and valued in their Gibush (Advisory). These meetings—first thing in the morning—help to open the school day in a manner that sets a positive, engaging tone for the day. I hear students actively listening and speaking in respectful tones. I’ve watched our teachers model that behavior while also sharing in their circles. That faculty participation builds on the feeling of BZ’s being a community, while reinforcing teachers as trusted adults for every student. 
We’re also incorporating the theme of our school year, Ometz v’ Chesed (Courage and Kindness) in our Gibushim, B’tzavta assemblies (B’tzavta translates to ‘together’), and throughout the school day. Responsive Classroom facilitates a path for social-emotional competencies, which will benefit students as they grow and move beyond the wonderful walls of BZ. Among these skills are responsibility, empathy, and self-control. In this way, students are supported as they work together, build new friendships, and make choices that are in their best interests, while also taking into consideration what is best for others. Who we learn with is of equal importance to what we are learning.
I’m very excited about our strong start and look forward to continued success. I’d also like to thank you—our families—for your deep commitment to BZ, and for being partners with our faculty, who are always focused on the bright horizon ahead for your student(s).
Warm Regards,
Emily Crane
Head of Middle School

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