🤔 6th Graders Explore Thought, Empathy and BZ Core Values
Ms. Sherman and Mr. Sosa, 6th Grade Advisors
Our 6th grade students have been working on reflective projects and teamwork exercises, that have showcased individual growth and strengthened their sense of shared purpose within our school community.
They recently embarked on a reflective project where they articulated their wishes for the year. These aspirations spanned personal goals, family hopes, community dreams, and global wishes. These wishes showcase the depth of thought and empathy within this unique group of students. An exhibit of their “My Wishes” project is hanging up in the 3rd floor hallway, which allows students to view the wishes of their classmates.
Additionally, our 6th graders collaborated in teams to design a logo, craft a slogan, and produce a video highlighting the practical application of one of our school's core values of their choosing. The presentations during Gibbush (Advisory) were a testament to the creativity and teamwork of our young learners. This exercise not only allowed them to showcase their talents, but also emphasized the real-world application of the values ingrained in the Bernard Zell educational experience.
The success of recent projects, and the continued emphasis on building community in our Gibbushim, underscores the dynamic and holistic approach we take in shaping the educational experience for our 6th graders. As we look back on these projects, it's evident that our 6th graders are not only growing individually but are also cultivating a sense of shared purpose within our BZ school community. We commend their efforts and look forward to witnessing more achievements and collaborative ventures in the coming weeks. 
Way to go 6th grade at BZ!

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