4th Grade Journeys Through Genesis with Chavruta Learning
Rabbi Atwood, 4th Grade Jewish Studies Teacher
This has been an exciting year in 4th grade Jewish studies! At the beginning of the year 4th graders received their first Chumash books, and we have been learning stories from the Breishit (Genesis), in the original Biblical text. This year we piloted a curriculum called the Pedagogy of Partnership that utilizes Chavruta learning (learning in pairs), to help students better understand the text and each other. We found much success with this program as we analyzed and debated topics such as Abraham’s journey to Israel, the Binding of Isaac, and the destruction of Sodom. On Friday, May 31, 4th graders will demonstrate their knowledge of the Chumash and celebrate this exciting chapter in their lives at our Siyum, (concluding ceremony).

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