A Message from Abby Aloni, Head of Early Childhood | March 15, 2023
Abby Aloni, Head of Early Childhood
Dear Families, 
Parents often ask our team how they can support developing "number sense" with their children. Research tells us that both caregivers and children need to understand that math is all around us, in ways that go far beyond rote counting skills. 
To help prepare our Nursery, JK learners, and future students not yet at BZ for the strong number sense that they will need to be successful in school and in solving the math problems all around them in the real world, we share the following suggestions, taken straight out of your children's classrooms/future classrooms!
When playing and while cleaning up, encourage your child to sort toys into sets and subsets, such as putting away all building materials into containers by type or size, ordering sets by quantity/size, or equalizing sets. This develops the big ideas of counting, sets and sorting, composing and decomposing. Commenting on how your child uses spatial reasoning and actions to create groups and as they sort, compare, and order brings the math out of the play.
Mealtime is an excellent way for children to engage in mathematical thinking and discussion! Invite your child to contribute to family chores by setting the table or distributing food or drinks. Ask questions about the attributes of materials as they pass things out. By doing this, you support the understanding of counting principles such as one-to-one correspondence and order irrelevance.
Posting a visual schedule and using games, songs, and transition activities support children's big ideas about patterns, including that sequence and regularity help us predict what comes next.
Finally, mathematical thinking around patterns and sequences of all different kinds are always popping up in the literature we read to young children. Here are a few books we love:
  • Pattern Bugs by Trudy Harris
  • Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.
  • The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood
Abby Aloni, 
Head of Early Childhood

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