Visit the Time Periods of Earth Museum Curated by the Class of 2026
Johanna Thompson, MS Science Teacher
As part of their Earth Science unit, students in 5th grade have been peeling back the layers of Earth's history by studying the ways our planet—and the life on it—has evolved over time. During a class trip to the Field Museum to kickstart their research projects, 5th graders paid close attention to the Evolving Planet exhibition.
They furthered their learning on time periods such as the Devonian (when plants begin to diversify), or Permian (the development of specialized eggs for birth), and the Tertiary period (did someone say GIANT SLOTH!?). The class concluded their field trip at the aptly named museum by checking out some unique ancient ocean creatures and a dinosaur (or five).
Back at Bernard Zell in the hallways of our 2nd floor Dream Space, the students constructed and curated their own exhibits at the interactive museum, Time Periods of Earth. Parents and visitors of the Hanukkah Music Festival were encouraged to visit and interact with the exhibits, where students guided them through time while showcasing their incredible creativity and learning!

Take a journey through time, deep time, at the 5th Grade Time Periods of Earth Museum. Begin at the watery Cambrian/Ordovician, make your through the giant forests (and bugs!) of the Carboniferous, through the earliest (and rather unsuccessful) mammals, and finally, the age of the dinosaurs. Find your way back to the present day, but not before encountering giant sloths!

Guests are invited to interact with the exhibits designed by the students and are encouraged to take a QR-code accessible quiz!

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