Students in 8th Grade Begin "Lord of the Flies"
Hilary Gorosh and Sam O’Neill, 8th Grade Teachers
The 8th graders have officially embarked on their Lord of the Flies unit. For the next four weeks, students will be reading the British classic about a group of boys who are stranded on an island. As they read they will explore the themes of civilization vs. savagery and dig deeper into the guiding essential question: What can literature reveal about human nature and the choices that we make?
To become better acquainted with the setting, students partnered up and drew maps of the island. In order to accomplish this they reread portions of chapters 1 through 3 to find text evidence to support their illustrations. Students were pleasantly surprised by the variations of their maps, noting that author WIlliam Golding’s words were interpreted and visualized differently by each pairing. 
These maps will be posted in the classroom and will be referred to as the setting changes and plot progresses and will guide our unit. Students are excited to dive in and explore this classic novel. 

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