๐Ÿ“œ Senior Kindergarteners Prepare for Bikkurim
Andrea Raskin, Senior Kindergarten Teacher
In Senior Kindergarten, we are looking forward to our Bikkurim celebration next week! Bikkurim is a ceremony that celebrates the Jewish learning that takes place in Early Childhood at Bernard Zell. To prepare for Bikkurim, each student is interviewed and asked to tell their thoughts about G-d, what they know about Israel, why the Torah is special, what mitzvot they like to do and what their favorite Jewish holiday is and why.
During the Bikkurim ceremony, each child has the opportunity to speak into the microphone and share one of their thoughts on Judaism. The students also brainstorm Jewish and Hebrew songs they know, vote, and select the songs to sing. The three SK classes gather together on the bimah where they sing Shehechianu to mark the special occasion. They stand under a chuppah that has the words of Shehechianu on it as well as the handprints of the SK students.
The students receive a gift of a miniature Torah and end the program with their family signing the chuppah by the handprints. This same chuppah will make a comeback at the 4th grade chumash ceremony as well as 8th grade graduation. The students are proud to share their knowledge, speak into a microphone and get their own Torah! The Torah-shaped cookies they receive at the end of the program are just a bonus to add to the sweet, beautiful time we’ll share.

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