Second Graders Beam with Pride at Siddur Celebration
Karen Leavitt, Head of Lower School
We honored a milestone in the lives of our 2nd grade students this morning as they celebrated with their families and teachers at the Second Grade Siddur Celebration. During the ceremony, the students received their first siddur, which is a prayer book containing the prayers or tefillot students study throughout their time at Bernard Zell. 
In Jewish Studies class and in our weekly Tefillah session at school, students learn about the different prayers that make up a service, what they mean and how they sound. It is a source of tremendous pride for a student to be able to take on the responsibility of using their own siddur to follow through this service. After two years of learning Hebrew letters and growing their sight word base, our 2nd graders can now follow along in the siddur more independently and after today, they will be ready for this special job themselves!
This morning, our families also enjoyed beautiful artistic representations of tefillot (prayers), created in art class with Ms. Ryback, and thoughtful works of poetry written during writing class. It was a pleasure attending this shared experience with families—mazel tov, 2nd graders! Click the image below to view the full album.

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