Hebrew and Jewish Studies in Kitah Aleph (First Grade)
Diana Levich, 1st Grade Jewish Studies Teacher
Our first graders' school days are filled with exciting experiences. In Social Studies, they are learning about different family traditions and cultures, and how those experiences contribute to identity development. They are also focusing on how to stay true to their own ideas and beliefs, and to appreciate the differences in others. In Jewish Studies, we are connecting this theme to our learning about Hanukkah. We are exploring Hanukkah traditions around the world and those that we have with our own families. During Jewish studies once a week, we have our shinshinim, Lihi and Eitamvisiting the classes. They are bringing amazing Israeli spirit, games and activities that help us to create a connection with Israel. 
Fridays continue to be special in Lower School with a ruach/spirit-filled Tefillah and everybody’s favorite time hearing the Torah portion of the week. These are nice ways to end the school week and get ready for Shabbat!
Check out the video below of our 1st graders enjoying a fun-filled, pajama Shabbat!

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