In Fifth Grade, Math ➕ Science 🟰 a Great Team!
Johanna Thompson and Lauren Ludwig, MS Science and Math Teachers
Math and Science are really crushing it in 5th grade at BZ these days! Building on their understanding of arrays and the standard algorithm of multiplication they are learning in Math, 5th graders in all three gibushim had a chance to apply that learning in Science class. Calculating the Density of various rocks as part of the Earth Layer unit, students first used a scale to ascertain the mass of their rock, then learning to read and use a graduated cylinder to measure volume, employing subtraction in the process. Once the mass and the volume were determined, the equation D=M/V was tackled. Students leveraged their understanding of both long and short division to solve for D. And, ultimately they learned that both the size and the weight of an object does NOT determine how dense it is!

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