Fifth & Sixth Graders Showcase Creativity via Poetry and Physical Education
Jamie Wendt and Ashley Johnson, 5th and 6th Grade Teachers
Our 5th and 6th grade students are in the middle of some very joyful and engaging projects in Reading & Writing Workshop, as well as in P.E.!
In honor of April being National Poetry Month, 6th grade students are currently in the midst of a poetry unit. In reading class, students have been reading novels-in-verse while analyzing literary devices, poetic techniques and the larger meaning of individual poems. In writing class, the 6th graders are using their imaginations and creativity to write poems, which are often inspired by the poets whose work they are reading. Students have written haikus, tankas, pantoums, free verse, blackout poems and ekphrastic poems while working toward using imagery, the five senses and literary devices. The students are excited about going through the writing process as they gather their poems into a mini-collection to share with others! 
In P.E., both 5th and 6th graders have started their ‘Create Your Own Game’ unit where they create, explain, and run a game to their class. It is such a fun way for Middle Schoolers to showcase their creativity, all while working on their teamwork, communication and presentation skills. They have been brainstorming and testing their games this past week during P.E. time. Beginning this week, they will begin explaining and running the games to the class. They’ve worked really hard and everyone is looking forward to seeing which new games we will get to play! Ask your 5th or 6th grader about their game and how to play! 

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