Fifth Graders Prepare for Hebrew Play, Apartment for Rent, on March 2
Mali Barak, Jewish Studies & Hebrew Teacher
This week, 5th grade students finished reading the book Dirah L'haskir (Apartment for Rent). When Sir Mouse disappears from his apartment, the neighbors in the building advertise his apartment for rent. 
First, the ant comes to rent the apartment, who despises the chicken for her lack of exercise. Second comes the rabbit, who despises the Cuckoo bird because she keeps visiting the neighbors, her kids live in a different nest and she misses them. Next comes the pig, who hates the cat because of how neat and organized she is. Now comes the hummingbird, who is annoyed at the squirrel because he is so loud while cracking acorns all day. The first four visitors don't end up renting the apartment because of the neighbors. 
At last the Dove arrives, bringing with her an eye for the good and restoring an atmosphere of peace. She sees all of the good traits in the neighbors, compliments them, and even though she didn't like the apartment, she moved in because of the neighbors. This story teaches us that we can be different from each other but it does not mean we can not get along and live in peace. 
This simple classic has been the bestselling children's book in Israel for over 50 years, and it was written by Lea Goldberg, a famous author who's written many children books.
The students are now reading the script for the play they will perform on Thursday, March 2 for their parents. They are looking forward to finding out which character they will play!

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