Fifth Graders Partner with JK for Buddy Program
Jori Wineburgh & Jenny Einberger, 5th Grade Teachers
This year the fifth grade team began a buddy program with JK where we will join their classroom for Gibush every other week. Each fifth grade student is paired with a JK student that they get to read to, play with and mentor throughout the school year. 

This week was our first time meeting and all of the students could not have been more excited about it! For our first meeting, the fifth grade students created a "get to know me" page of fun facts to share with their buddies. They then helped their JK buddies create a "get to know me" page as well. Once finished, the JK buddies toured the fifth graders around their room as well as having the opportunity to explore some of the classroom materials together. When it was time to go, it was so hard to pull the buddies away from each other! For the days that followed, the fifth graders could not stop talking about what they learned about their buddies, what they want to do next time and when we will visit them again. Next time we meet, the fifth graders will have the opportunity to show off their classroom to the JK kids. The fifth graders will also get to go to the library to pick out a book to read to their buddies. Through the buddy program, the fifth graders and JK students will be able to make a friend from a different grade to have throughout their schooling at Bernard Zell.

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