Eighth Graders Prepare for Tiyul with Hebrew Slang
Yair Bernstein, 7th Grade Jewish Studies Teacher
“Balagan!’ “Ma pit’om!”, “Achla!”, “Haval Al Hazman!”—it sounded like the Shuk in Jerusalem moments before Shabbat begins! Last week, the 8th graders had the opportunity to enjoy a special session about Hebrew slang with our Shinshinim, Eitam and Lihi. 
Both 8th grade Hebrew classes played games, listened to songs in Hebrew and moved around classroom in order to learn wonderful slang words. It seems like there was an agreement that good learning can sometimes be Balagan! (ask your child what that means).
Speaking of Haval Al Hazman, the literal translation would be “it’s a waste of time!” but it is used as a positive slang phrase meaning - it was incredible. “How was your Hummus? It was haval al hazman”. “How was the Tiyul? It was haval al hazman”.

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