Eighth Graders Lead Middle School in BZ Games
Lisa Ehrlich-Menard and Joey Shapiro, 8th Grade Teachers
The final week of Middle School holds many time-honored traditions—graduation, close of school, operetta auditions, final class presentations, and the like—but without a doubt the most fun event of all is BZ Games.
Every student in the Middle School is assigned to one of 14 teams representing cities of Israel (go Metula!), led by our 8th graders. They take on this final leadership experience by planning outfits for their teams, leading activities and group challenges, positively encouraging camaraderie and friendly competition within and amongst teams. Eighth-grade captains must contend with teams of mixed age, skill sets, and interests that calls for thoughtfulness and care to include everyone and ensure maximum fun for all.
Activities run the gamut from Extreme Simon Says and Silent Challenge to Torah Bowl and improv games; this amazing day culminates in a plethora of sporting, skill, and fitness field events and a massive tug of war tournament. Regardless of who wins in the end, everyone leaves school happy and sticky (from popsicles, of course), feeling the overpowering sense of community one last time before the summer. Eighth graders truly show what they are made of as leaders throughout the day. 

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