Senior Kindergarten Takes on Chicago!
Rachel Ahitow and Kaitlyn McKenna, SK108 Teachers
This month, our Senior Kindergarten students embarked on a field trip around Chicago as a culmination to our Chicago unit study. It was exciting to be able to take a field trip after a few years of being unable to do so!
Leading up to our trip, we started our studies by thinking about our own identities, our families, our homes, and the communities we live in as well as those around our city. Then, we began to learn all about the history of Chicago. Our students were thrilled to begin thinking about what Chicago might have been like 100s of years ago! We learned of the Potawatamis and the French explorers who came to this area, the Great Chicago Fire, and the Chicago World's Fair.
After learning all about Chicago’s rich history, we began learning about some of the incredible buildings that can be found here today. Our students' interest in our Chicago studies was evident as they acted out stories of early Chicago during recess, or when we witnessed them engaging in dramatic play during morning choice time reenacting the Great Chicago Fire or the World's Fair. They could also be found building replicas of some of the buildings, like the Willis Tower, out of blocks and Magna-Tiles!  
Finally, it was time for the much awaited Chicago field trip. We began our journey at the Chicago Fire Academy. We were excited to learn that the Great Chicago Fire began in that very spot. Among other things, we saw an old fire engine and a replica of an old fire house. We also heard many interesting facts about the Great Chicago Fire from a Fire Academy instructor. 
Next, we took a quick stop in front of the Planetarium to take in the beautiful views of the skyline across Lake Michigan. After taking some photos together, we were off to our final destination—Millennium Park. We enjoyed looking at our reflections on Cloud Gate (also known as The Bean) and taking in the sights of the buildings around us. Finally, it was time to head back to school to reflect on our day together. It was a truly memorable experience for all!

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